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Sat 01                     7:30pm  Yvonne Woodvine, Telford

Sun 02                    6:30pm  Minister David Bruton, Tamworth

                                                President of the SNU

Tue 04                    7:00pm  Awareness

Wed 05                  7:30pm  Healing

Thu 06                    7:30pm  Jane Satterthwaite, Telford

Sat 08                     7:30pm  Jeanette Westwood, West Brom

Sun 09                    6:30pm  Ange Hayward, Darleston

Tue 11                    7:00pm  AGM / Committee Meeting

Wed 12                  7:30pm  Healing

Thu 13                    7:30pm  Rod Beech, Kidderminster

Sat 15                     7:30pm  Pam Arkesden, Stoke

Sun 16                    6:30pm  WMDC Exponent Students

Tue 18                    7:30pm  Awareness

Wed 19                  7:30pm  Healing

Thu 20                    7:30pm  Tony Hawkins & Debbie Archer

Sat 22                     7:30pm  Karen Haycock, Stafford

Sun 23                    6:30pm  Marnie Phillips, Stone

Tue 25                    7:30pm  Discussion Evening

Wed 26                  7:30pm  Healing

Thu 27                    7:30pm  Pauline Hedges, Telford

Fri 28                      7:30pm  Development (closed)

Sat 29                     7:30pm Sue Presley, Winford

Sun 30                    7:30pm Sandra Harcourt, Stourbridge

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Telford 1st SNU Church (Stirchley Village Spiritualist Church)


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